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28 and 29 July 2020

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9:50AM - Welcome
Melissa Kalan, ARMA

10:00AM - 10:40AM - Opening Keynote
Mr Simon Westaway, Executive Director at Australian Tourism Industry Council and Strategy Director at Royce Communications

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10:50AM - 11:45AM - Expert Workshop

How should revenue management and pricing change to adapt to long-term changes in customer behaviour? 

Facilitator: Mr Jason Carley - Simon-Kucher & Partners

Simon-Kucher is the world’s leading pricing advisory. 
Jason has been with Simon-Kucher for over 12 years, with consulting experience across a broad range of travel sectors, including: airlines, hotels, cruise operators, airports, events, GDS’. 

Jason has extensive experience across multiple industries including logistics, software, internet companies, business services and consumer goods and has deep expertise in a range of pricing, sales and commercial strategy topics.

Jason is a popular presenter at the ARMA Revenue Management Summit and Part 1 of this expert series was very well received recently by industry. 

Join Jason "live" as he explores Part 2 of the Commercial Strategy Series.

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BREAK - 15 minutes

12:00PM - 12:30PM - Revenue Management Panel
 "Crowd Sourcing" - Get your questions answered

1. Mr Alessandro Crotti - Founder and CEO at DirectYourBookings
2.Ms Katrina Wallace - National Revenue Manager, NRMA Parks and Resorts
3.Mr Manav Khera - Revenue Director at Revnmore Consulting

Moderator: Melissa Kalan, ARMA

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BREAK - 30 minutes

1:00PM - 1:30PM - Outlook Deep Dive
Mr Matthew Burke, Regional Manager Pacific -  STR
Join STR at the pre-summit webinar on 17 July where they will provide the latest data and insights into the pandemic and its impact on hotel performance in key markets across the Pacific region.

In the live summit session, Matthew will explore at a granular level some of the key themes presented from the webinar including what can we take from past downturns that can be used to help guide future decisions. Matthew will also answer any of your burning questions around recent and future market performance. 

Submit questions for Matthew - HERE


1:45PM - 2:15PM -  Mr Joe Ellingham
Revenue Management Consultant at Revenue Team 
Responsible Distribution and Crisis Recovery

This session has been designed to raise your awareness of each channels cost and explains how they should be considered when making pricing and distribution decisions. You will explore topics such as wholesale vs retail pricing gap, costs of distribution, and channel profit. Further, as the current global health crisis evolves, Joe will share insights from his experience recovering from events such as the cyclones in Fiji and Samoa; C.Winston 2016 (Cat 5) closed Sheraton Tokoriki for 11 months; C.Gita 2018 (Cat 4) closed Sheraton Aggie Greys for 8 months.

2:30PM - 3.00PM - Mr Alessandro Crotti
Founder and CEO at DirectYourBookings
Direct-Booking Mentor
Where Marketing meets Revenue & Distribution. 
Like the 2 human brain hemispheres, connected by a bundle of nerve fibers, representing the emotional and rational sides of us...

The point is: can Marketing and Revenue function without the other? 
Join Alessandro "live" as he guides you through 2 practical case studies (no theory) that showcase the incredible results of a bundled revenue/marketing strategy and data tracking, as opposed to the consequences of not having one. 
BREAK - 15 minutes


3:15PM - 3:45PM -  Ms Kellie Hughes
Digital Marketing Specialist at Australian Community Media

3:50PM - 4:20PM- Ms Kim Jeffrey and Naomi Pucko
Managing Director & Director of Operations at Koncept Konnect

Direct communication and revenue GOLD
How do you effectively communicate directly with your customers, including tips on driving a successful email marketing strategy.

4:30PM - 5:00PM - . Ms Avril Carter
Sales Director Australasia at ReviewPRO

Revenue opportunities beyond recovery: Online reputation and the new guest

Workshop Zone

Mr Robert Hernandez
Chief Data Scientist - Origin World Labs
Cross-Price Elasticity Analysis and the Myth of the CompSet

Mr Adrian Caruso
Founder and CEO at Fastrack Group
Get ready for the rebound: How to market in a new world

Mr Juan Ruano
Director of Hospitality Solutions, EMEA at Duetto
Revenue strategy as a way forward

This workshop will focus on the importance of easy access to real time data and an integrated system landscape, including critical forward looking data sources for future demand signals plus tips on how to remain flexible so you can react and pivot your strategy as needed.

Mr Edwin Saldanha
Head of Marketing at STAAH
How to improve your cash flow using vouchers

Ms Melissa Kalan
Founder, ARMA
Facebook Advertising: My top 5 money draining mistakes, plus your ultimate advertisement template and checklist

Naomi Pucko
Director of Operations at Koncept Konnect
Distribution beyond OTAs

Join Naomi as she walks you through other key distribution channels that make up the travel eco-system and how they can bring value to your business"

Ms Melissa Kalan
Founder, ARMA
How to communicate value and increase conversions

Ms Joyce de Kruif
Lead Advisor, Advisory Services - IDeaS
In every challenge lies an opportunity! It is time for a new way of thinking revenue strategy

With the pandemic, the (re)positioning of revenue management is more important than ever. In this workshop, we will provide you with helpful tips and strategies on how operators can better position themselves for success in a market with uncertainty. How do we move away from revenue towards profit and guest journey optimisation? How can you better position yourself to become strategists in a new era of optimisation culture?

5:15PM - 5:30PM - Virtual Drinks
Join with your own choice of beverage and raise your glass as we capture our Virtual Summit social share moment from day 1.



 9.50AM - 9.55AM - Welcome
Melissa Kalan, ARMA

10:00AM - 10.15AM - How to build and navigate a successful relationship between sales and revenue management professionals
Facilitator: Ms Sharon Cauldwell - Director of Sales ANZ, Next Story Group

10:35AM - 11:15AM - "The Chat" Session
1. Mr James Wilkinson, Award winning anchor of the WAYFARER Executive Travel TV show, Editor-In-Chief of HM and hotel industry advisor
Q&A with Melissa Kalan

2. Mr Robert Hernandez, Chief Data Scientist - Origin World Labs

Robert Hernandez is an expert in the field of Revenue Analytics and Optimization. He has spent the last 15 years of his career building data-driven forecasting and optimization models for companies in over 20 different industries, from tech to tourism. Robert began his career at the Walt Disney Company in Revenue Planning. He is a specialist in the Science and Mathematics of Revenue Management. He has engineered innovative work in the hospitality industry, increasing profit through the development of sophisticated pricing and forecasting models.
Q&A with Melissa Kalan

11:25PM - 12:00PM - Demand Marketing Panel
With special guest Mr Andy Jiang, Managing Director at Andy Wilson

Andy Jiang is an independent consultant who develops new ideas and frames new perspectives to help businesses succeed. Prior to having his own adventure, Andy ran the China operation at Tourism Australia, responsible for growing China to become the largest inbound visitor market for Australia. Before that, Andy ran Deloitte’s China business unit in Australia, responsible for attracting strategic investments for energy, resources and agriculture projects.
A Shanghai native from Texas, Andy is fluent in Mandarin, has a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, received MBA from INSEAD and loves trading foreign currencies.

Moderator: Adrian Caruso - Founder and CEO at Fastrack Group


1:00PM - 1:45PM - Expert Workshop

Understand Your 4-Digit Success Code - a personal and professional game changer!

Facilitator: Mr Paul Burgess - Founder & CEO of Link-Up International.

Virtually every person on the planet has now been confronted and challenged by the sudden and significant change and uncertainty the world is currently facing. We are all trying to do our best to cope with the ongoing confusion, fear and anxiety of new laws, constraints, isolation and other changing social and family dynamics – and all while leading ourselves, our family, and our colleagues through it – as safely as we can.
We’re all in this together, yet everyone is affected differently – and everyone copes differently. For those wanting to use this unprecedented time as an opportunity to be the very best version of themselves this session is about helping you stay acutely self-aware, in-stride and at your best.

The Instinctive Drives® team started with a fascination with human motivation and what people need to operate at their best which took Paul Burgess on a journey of exploration and discovery that, in 1991, led him to create Instinctive Drives®.

I met Paul a number of years back and was fascinated by his session and the value I found in the I.D.™ system both personally and professionally. In this time of immense change I reached out to Paul as I know how rewarding you will find not only spending time with him but also completing your own I.D.™ Questionnaire.

Join Paul in this not to be missed "live session" as he uncovers a person’s innate drives and motivations to reveal why a person does what they do and exactly what they need to be at their best.

** All delegates can complete complimentary their own I.D.™ Questionnaire (valued at $50 USD) prior to the session and receive their own report detailing their 4-digit success code which has life time value **


2:00PM - 2.30PM - Keynote Session

3:00PM - 3.30PM - Leverage big data and analytics to predict future market demand

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors during the crisis. In the post-COVID world, historical data will no longer be reliable. In order to more accurately forecast volatile demand, hoteliers need to utilise a wide variety of data inputs and insights to help gauge the earliest indicators of demand to gain market share in this recovery stage. 

Facilitator: Mr Amit Peshawaria, Head of Sales - Asia Pacific and Oceania at OTA Insight

3:45PM - 5:00PM - Genius Zone
Hear Summit experts share insights, tips and best practice advice on a range of topics designed to help you optimise your business in 15-minute practical strategy sessions.

Thought leaders:
1. Kerry L. Chew - Partner Hotels, Tourism & Leisure at nem Australasia
2. Derek Martin - Founder of TrevPAR World, Africa
3. Manav Khera - Revenue Director, Revnmore
4. Mauro Risch - The Hotel Photographer
5. Rachel Finney - Director of Sales and Marketing, Koncept Konnect
6. Melissa Kalan - Founder, ARMA

Genius Zone Topics:
Your online presence health check and the GDS
Market segmentation
Data analytics
Digital marketing
Rate management and contracting
How to complete a daily pick up report
Brand.com - the one critical essential
Total Revenue Management
Food and Beverage RM


Hi everyone ,

We all know our industry is experiencing incredibly tough times and the road to recovery is uncertain.

While there is nothing quite like face-to-face connection in person...and boy are we craving it! ARMA has adapted its highly anticipated and well attended Summit to be delivered online where you can attend from the safety and comfort of your location, or consume the content at a time that suits you with your 60-day virtual access pass to our learning environment.

I will miss seeing all of you in person this year, but I promise to ensure we deliver an engaging, and informative online event.. I know we can make this a Summit to remember!

As everything is moving and changing rapidly, the agenda topics may be adjusted to ensure we deliver the most current information, but you can be sure it will follow our past successful event formula as much as possible, covering revenue management and digital marketing with a focus on sharing ideas, thinking out of the box and delivering practical insights.

The theme we chose at the end of last year for the 2020 Summit was "CTRL + SHIFT". This was to reflect the rapid changes in technology shifting our "control" in business and as consumers. This theme will remain for the 2020 Summit.

See you at the Virtual Summit!

Take care and stay safe  

Melissa Kalan

What's included..

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  • ​Live Q & A 
  • ​Live Revenue Management Panel 
  • ​Live Demand Marketing Panel
  • ​Workshops
  •  Genius Zone 15-minute strategy sessions
  • ​Expert Sessions
  •  60 Day Access Pass
  • ​Attend "live" or access the tutorials for 60 days
  • ​Virtual drinks

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