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ARMA provides revenue and yield management education programs and quality e-learning experiences for industry professionals. We love to give..enjoy access to the Excel UPSKILL program.
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Excel is a valuable and powerful software application used by many...yet hardly anybody understands how to use every Excel feature..most of us navigate through with no access to training and never get to apply its full power to the benefit of our business...well now you can :)

  •  Microsoft Excel online
  • Excel 2016 
  • ​Excel 2016 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) provides Excel users with the ability to automate any Excel task

What can you study?

Microsoft Excel 2016

Getting started
Customizing the Excel environment
Managing and modifying large workbooks and worksheets
Formatting a worksheet
Performing calculations
Analyzing data with logical and lookup functions
Analyzing data with pivot tables, slicers and pivot charts
Creating advanced formulas
Inserting graphics
Organizing data with tables
Visualizing data with charts
Automating worksheet functionality
Analyzing and presenting data
Exporting data
Importing and exporting XML data
Working with multiple workbooks
Creating powerpivot data
Getting started with powerpivot
Manipulating data

Microsoft Excel 2016 VBA

How to create an interactive worksheet
Developing macros
Formatting worksheets using macros
Performing calculations
Working with multiple worksheets

Microsoft Excel online
Getting started
Formatting a worksheet
Working with data
Using pivot tables
Finalizing workbooks
Organizing worksheet data with tables and charts