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Enjoyed by industry in ARMA online training and face to face workshops for 8 years. This interactive and engaging online  training tool can support your academic hospitality and business degree programs. Cost effective, easy to use and facilitate and no locked in contracts. 

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Harness the power of online learning for your team, organisation and for client and staff onboarding. 

ARMA can develop your content into engaging online learning so you can invest in and develop your staff. Experienced in online course creation with the user experience a priority, find out more now and click below so we can discuss your needs...     


Enjoyed by industry since 2014. RM Magazine is  a professionally produced digital revenue management magazine published by ARMA and packed with revenue management focused content from a range of leading experts and ARMA partners. Perfect for student programs and industry professionals..


How you sell and present your property is just as important as the price point. Perceived value, retail psychology and an exceptional customer experience all drive conversions for your property . Sometimes you need to have fresh eyes with a revenue management mindset look at your business... 

The ARMA Academy

The ARMA Academy is Melissa’s community of revenue management focused professionals and organisations from all over the globe coming together as passionate business professionals that value the importance of upskilling and training.

We truly believe it takes a team to build a business and drive your strategy. This team is your entire workforce from Senior Management to your front line and back of house staff. Every staff member is a revenue management ambassador for your organisation and through training you can uncover your next revenue rockstar and start succession planning.

The revenue manager journey is too often walked alone but once you’ve decided to unlock this way of thinking for yourself, your team or your entire organisation you will be amazed at how many revenue opportunities they uncover for your business.

Join Melissa and her team as they take you on an incredible user experience and equip you with the tools, training, support and guidance you need to confidently develop your revenue management skill set. We understand working professionals are busy people and so our training is flexible and self-paced, interactive and engaging and most importantly we support you 7 days a week.  

So let's get started...

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Many operators feel overwhelmed trying to grow the profit margins for their business. ARMA provides step by step training on the foundations of revenue and yield management, so you can move forward confidently with the right support. 

This online course is industry recognised as the Level 1 Certificate in Revenue Management Foundations and ARMA's signature foundations course, upskilling operators globally. We are proud to be the preferred supplier of revenue management education for the Accommodation Association of Australia & Tourism Industry Aotearoa NZ. 

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If you’re ready to harness your genius zone and embrace the discipline of revenue management but are new to online learning and would like some additional support to get started, then The Kick Start Program will show you how!
This online 60 minute mini course will walk you through the first unit of the THINK CHANGE GROW program with bonus revenue management commentary and slides, so you can progress with confidence. 

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After successfully running face to face workshops across Australia and New Zealand for industry over the past 8 years, Melissa has turned her successful full day workshop into an online course so she can serve more people.

She has successfully harnessed the delivery of engaging online learning by creating a workshop style session targeted especially for you in partnership with Koncept Konnect.

This 12-week online course is a blend of revenue management foundations with bonus tutorials and practical exercises and covers digital marketing and social media strategies - self-paced and 100% online. 

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If you’d like to grow a profitable business and have a team of experts in your corner then The Mentor Program is for YOU.

In this 12-month online program, Melissa and her team share their own experiences and proven strategies to help make your business a profitable success. Submit a question to the team at any-time, join monthly live exclusive training tutorials on hot industry topics and access the replays in your own time. 

The Mentor Program is for serious revenue management do-ers who are keen to elevate their revenue management skills and see results.

You’ll feel confident, empowered and connected in your role as a revenue manager or decision maker in business. So if you’re ready to start doing and join Melissa and her team inside The Mentor Program, just click below now to get started..  


This qualification is the first accredited and globally recognised Graduate Certificate of Revenue Management of its kind.

You will develop advanced revenue management skills that will prove invaluable in the workplace and assist you in forging a promising career post-graduation in a diverse range of industries.

You will graduate with experience and in-depth knowledge of Revenue Management in an accommodation context and become a highly valued industry leader that can shape their career.

This course is delivered 100% online by Torrens University Australia Ltd, ABN 99 154 937 005, RTO 41343, CRICOS 03389E and in partnership with ARMA.


Grow your business at the Summit.

The largest dedicated revenue and yield management focused
conference and exhibition in Asia-Pacific.

Delve deeper and learn..

Hosted by ARMA - Australian Revenue Management Association
In support with: Accommodation Association of Australia
 and our industry partners Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Caravan & Camping Industry NSW, Torrens University Australia and TAA

The Summit will return in 2020 - 19 & 20 August 


ARMA and OWL Analytics have been long term partners and  ARMA can continue to access their advanced course that is no longer available on its own to the public!

If you want to be challenged and learn the skills to take your revenue analysis whereyour PMS and RMS can’t go, then this course is for you.

Understand any hotel’s demand patterns using Probability and Statistics, learn how to decide on the Best Room Prices using Maths, extract Real-Time Data from any system, build an Automated Rate Decision Model in excel, master data analytics of Dynamic Pricing, master the Science of Pricing Strategy.

You will learn how to build pricing models with the greatest revenue potential.

If you have an RMS, this training allows you to challenge its pricing assumptions. If you don’t have an RMS, you will be able to build pricing models that surpass the sophistication of any pricing model on the market today. 

You will also learn to challenge biases and assumptions using data-driven arguments.

Be an educated person in the room when discussing Revenue Science. 


ARMA partner Russell Partnership Technology has developed an online training and professional certification course in business acumen.

ARMA is a qualified facilitator of the Russell Partnership Technology business simulation.

This certification is appropriate for, but not limited to, a Managing Director, Asset Manager, General Manager, Vice President or Director of Sales, Director of Marketing, Operations Department Head, Sales Manager, Convention Services Manager, Account Executive, Director of Revenue Management or Revenue Manager.

Module 1:
Targeting Business Priorities - Using financial statements to determine action.

Module 2:
Managing Business Priorities - Using lodging metrics that matter.

Module 3: 
Leading Business Priorities - Communicating for Results.

Module 4: 
Partnering in Owner Priorities - Partnering in Ownership goals.

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