A personal letter from Melissa...

I’d like to share with you a little bit about me because it’s really important to me in business that you know me and feel you can trust me.

I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years now, and over that time have launched and run three businesses. My first business was a music teaching school I created and successfully ran for 10 years teaching after school piano keyboard programs in primary schools across the southern Sydney region in New South Wales, as well as private lessons for 10 years.

As the music business scaled, I then started my second venture as a business owner running a boutique revenue management recruitment and support company. This gave me great insight into the needs of many accommodation operators, including the need for skilled talent in revenue management which was also hard for the unskilled in this discipline to recruit for – they didn’t know what they needed to look for or how to assess it. It also allowed me to identify training needs required across the broader market. This was a gap I had identified back in my time as the Director of Revenue Management for The Ritz-Carlton, Sydney and Double Bay.

I clearly remember the day I left The Ritz-Carlton, Sydney and Double Bay (which at the time had been taken over by another owner and property management company), saying to myself that I would return one day to the accommodation industry in a capacity that allowed me to help people grasp and apply the discipline of revenue management to their own businesses.

As timing would have it, I was fortunate to land a role in revenue management with Qantas Airways Limited. I had always wanted to broaden my experience in revenue management and call it luck or great fortune, it was the first time the airline had accepted external intakes into their revenue management department.

Whilst I continued to oversee the running of the music school and boutique revenue management recruitment company, I began to develop the training materials, structure and framework for what was to be my third business venture, ARMA.

The first two business models allowed me to take the risk and venture into a third business which was my original passion and goal when I left The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and joined Qantas Airways Limited back in 2000.

All the business ventures have been an incredible learning curve and rewarding journey and the skills I developed and experience gained from the first two business models all laid excellent foundations for what was to become and is ARMA today.

I’m incredibly aware of how tough it is to build, sustain and succeed in business, including just how resilient you need to be. I am thankful for industry mentors that saw and shared my belief early on for the need to create quality accessible training programs in revenue management for all sectors of the accommodation industry; And the need for an online accredited higher education program in a discipline that is 100% critical in unlocking revenue and profit opportunities for business models with perishable assets, that to the unskilled eye would go unseen.

At the time of ARMA’s launch back in 2013 there was very little available in terms of engaging, quality and accessible training opportunities in the region, very limited online programs and no stand alone qualification. ARMA proudly filled this gap in both the accredited and non-accredited training sectors.

So now I get to do what I love every single day and impact the lives of revenue managers all across the globe who are doing amazing things for their organisations.

The most exciting part of my business is hearing all the success stories from people in our learning community and I love seeing and hearing about their wins which come from incredibly hard work.

I love seeing people lives transform as their skills and confidence grow and ultimately the businesses they work for succeed.

I love seeing the respect the discipline has gained over the years within the accommodation industry, and today it is a highly valued and in demand skillset across many industries. Skilled revenue managers are “rockstars” in many organisations.

I also love rewarding and recognising talent in our industry and ARMA proudly supports many industry award nights across Australia and New Zealand.

No entrepreneurial journey is easy…but with hard work, dedication, a high value placed on quality of work and relationships and unwavering belief it is possible.

I am excited for what lies ahead and can’t wait to start on an adventure with you!

Thanks again for your interest in ARMA.

Warm regards,  
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