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The Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA) is a professional association that focuses on upskilling the accommodation industry in revenue and yield management. 

The purpose of ARMA is to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities to help industry professionals develop the skills and knowledge needed to maximise revenue and profit potential.

By promoting best practices and providing ongoing training and support, ARMA is helping to raise the standard of revenue management across the industry. 

Through its core focus on upskilling, ARMA is empowering accommodation operators to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

ARMA Founder Melissa Kalan has a life philosophy centered on the principle of "always learning", and with this, she empowers organisations to lead a revenue management culture from the top down that influences both profits and staff retention, and is a critical part of their broader commercial capabilities that drives asset value.

Having successfully founded ARMA – Australian Revenue Management Association and the APAC Revenue Management Summit, Melissa makes the specialised but critical commercial discipline of revenue management achievable for all accommodation operators by providing quality and accessible education pathways and education support tools for academia.

Core to the association is the ARMA Professional Membership Framework which facilitates the professional growth and development of both emerging and experienced revenue management professionals, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their career trajectories. This program is designed to assist individuals in identifying the competencies they need to acquire as they advance through various stages of their career.

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" You don't want to compete with a revenue management focused company. You want to be that company "  - Robert Cross, 1997

"Melissa was of great value to our accommodation group - identified very quickly significant opportunity and through clear communication, our team were able to implement efficiently & effectively. The gains we made, were significant - but more importantly the permanent changes that we made, have generated a great last return and helped facilitate recent successful expansion of our accommodation group".
- eoin loftus gaicd, ceo majestic hotels & chairman of tourism industry council, SA
"Thank you, Melissa and team, for an excellent two-day Summit, great speakers from the industry and a chance to meet market leading vendors/partners. No doubt, we are taking away a lot more than we had expected before coming up. Look forward to the next one"
- vic Namasivayam – General Manager Grand Papua Hotel
"I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa on many occasions - both as a client of hers and as a speaker at her highly regarded conferences. Melissa is one of the key leaders in the growth and understanding of revenue management. For many businesses, revenue management can be extremely complex and challenging. Melissa has the unique ability of translating the complex into the practical. Many tourism businesses have seen very strong revenue growth due to the advice and guidance of Melissa."
"We needed to source up to date expertise in hotel revenue management, and knew that ARMA has proven results and a vast experience in this area. I found Melissa’s personable, common sense approach combined with her extensive knowledge of the industry gave insight into ways to increase the hotel revenue."
"My team attended a revenue management workshop with Melissa Kalan, and after applying some of the strategies learnt in training we have seen an increase in revenue well in excess of $100K. We have been yielding the same way for well over 10 years and never have we seen a spike in revenue quite like this. We are thrilled with the results" 

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